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Stone Angels
Now available!

Guilt will always find you. Augustine Shaw knows this better than most.


No matter how far he goes, he can’t escape the tragedies that punctured his college life in Providence, Rhode Island. Augustine is poisoned by the heartache he caused, the reputations he shattered, the two friends he killed. Now, the lies he told to keep it all secret are crumbling.


Augustine seeks relief in a spring break road trip to Key West, where he hopes the sun, sex and insobriety will drown his past. The reprieve is temporary. On the long, dark road home Augustine is forced to relive the erratic series of events that changed his life, and ended others. Augustine races towards a final decision: bury his secrets forever, or seek redemption in the arms of a full confession.

Children's Books

Daddy Dressed Me

A fashionably-challenged Daddy is left in charge of his little girl when Mommy goes away on a business trip. Each day, Daddy dresses his daughter in silly, unique clothes, from cowboy hats to dinosaur costumes. But with every new outfit, the daughter’s imagination grows and each time she looks in the mirror, she sees something special staring back at her. Original artwork done by the author's mother!


Coco & Lala: Monster Agents

The latest children's book from award-winning author Michael Hartigan takes you to Hollywood where two girls, Coco and Lala have set up the most lucrative talent agency in town by recruiting an unusual group of clients - monsters! Bigfoot on Broadway, Swamp Thing playing the saxophone, and Loch Ness walking the red carpet -  Kids will love this fun and funny story about some very talented beasties, and learn that every creature has beauty inside. Original artwork done by the author's mother!


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